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1979 Porsche 911

930 Turbo Coupe





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H6 3.3L Turbocharger
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Factory Sport Seats And Steeri
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Respect. That is what the legendary Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera is all about. Respect for the guy who owns one because envy is a very unbecoming character trait. Respect from its exotic and muscular contemporaries whose pushrod V8's and sophisticated V12's just couldn't keep up. Respect for its elders, whose iconic 1963 design all Porsche 911's evolved from. And from its operator, who will always surrender his respect to this car, one way or another. Up for sale, in no less than Guards Red, proudly sporting go faster mods and defiantly scrapping that superfluous AC compressor from under its hallowed rear deck is this unscathed and highly experienced 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo. Equipped with all the factory goodies including sport seats and limited slip differential, mildly sweetened with stronger and lighter clutch and flywheel assemblies, Billy Boat Performance headers and a period correct set of aftermarket Kinesis K19 forged three piece staggered alloy wheels. There's a killer three spoke leather wrapped steering wheel to wrap your white knuckles around. But the real streusel on top of this rouladen is a 5-Speed G50 swap. Endowing this Turbo with an extra gear is a revelation, one that took the factory 14 years to share with us mere mortals in the final edition 1989 model. This is a well sorted example that is scary fast, well beyond the stock North American 3.3 liter's 260 horsepower. No matter how much "turbo lag" transpires nothing prepares you for the surge of power and the manner in which these cars put that power to the pavement. It is a thrill to drive. Placid and well mannered around town when operated with restraint, but good luck with that... put your foot in it and hold on, the sound and the fury, or maybe the fury and the sound, and the feel and the feedback all together form an intoxicating cocktail you will most certainly find yourself completely addicted to. This is admittedly a high mileage super car, but it's a Porsche not a Ferrari. These are simple, robust cars that are designed to last a long time and that get better with age as opposed to a Ferrari, an automobile line that seldom eclipses 100k miles because they are neither simple nor robust and only get more expensive to maintain with age. The secret of the Porsche is in the efficiency and balance of the air cooled flat six, relying on simple valve trains to produce gobs of torque and deliver it in almost direct drive to the rear wheels. There is just less to go wrong and break on a Porsche. This car has had its share of engine out rebuilds and reseals, all to its current benefit. No, it has no file full of service records or documented ownership history and in my honest opinion it needs no certificate to prove its authenticity to me or anyone I have let drive it. The proof is in the driver's seat. It has likely served a variety of owners, some as a dutiful daily driver and for others a capable weekend track car. Today, it will deliver acceptable compression and leak down test results. It starts right up, steers, stops and corners like a Porsche should and of course accelerates unlike any Porsche made before or since. The paint looks fantastic, a likely respray. There are no signs of collision damage or rust anywhere. The interior is also in excellent unrestored condition. All of the lights and instrumentation work including an annoying aftermarket LED stochiometer. The sunroof and window lifts work as they should and the glass and weather seals are all in good condition. There is an aftermarket stereo and a multitude of 6x9's in the back for some reason but I have to admit I really haven't even tried to listen to them. If you drive this car like its meant to be driven it requires your full and undivided attention. And of course, the bonus is that it is drop dead gorgeous. I once said staring at my Alfa Romeo made me feel like I was cheating on my wife. Comparatively the 930 Turbo is more like getting ravaged by a tribe of Amazon beauties ***FLASH

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